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Positive Drug Test? Call us:

(916) 399-3047

Positive Drug Test? 

Call us:

(916) 399-3047


SAP Evaluations | Drug Education

Failed drug or alcohol test?

Need to get back to work?

Delivered2Choices offers DOT qualified SAPs. We are trained and knowledge to assist you in understanding the process of getting you back to work.

Delivered2Choices is here for you, serving Sacramento and surrounding counties.

We care and are dedicated to your success!

  • Efficient & reliable
  • Knowledgeable
  • Easy to enroll
  • We know your job is important to you and time sensitive. If you had a positive test we can help. We guarantee you see a DOT qualified Substance Abuse Professional and get you on your way back to work. We strive to offer you an appointment within 48 hours. We are your trusted choice.


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